For the northern globe on earth the summer is close, and it will be a good summer when you are a gamer of 3dxChat. While other erotic MMO`s are still fighting with their own predicted timelines; 3dxChat was able to cement the status of being top ranked of the list of erotic MMOs worldwide!

At the past months 3dxChat did make many updates public. Beginning with September 2023 announcing the 3.0 Version of 3dxChat.  In my mind, this was a milestone, regarding performance! At X-Mas did follow a “tiny” update related the 11year anniversary of the game. The admins did add plenty new poses, cloths, faces and other avatar settings at the past months. People feel at RL home, when they see the wardrobes content now. I know, regarding wardrobes – there cannot be enough inside!

The massive surprise for the gamers did follow at the Valentine`s Day 2024. 3dxChat did make the couple dance public! This amazing function allows players to dance Waltz and another dance move (I cannot really describe the second one^^) together. For the freaks, who are knowing this game for a long time an unfulfilled wish was getting true. It gives the game newer fun and the hope more to follow – I know – the peeps are always hungry! You might say “come on, this is just Waltz” – but there is more behind! There is always a motivation for playing a game and the Couple Dance Feature give people a new motivation and when there is more different motivation for a game, then there will be hopefully more players online!

For room designers and club owner did start a new age ingame. At the past it was clever to have room file size not about 2.6mb when you do have 50+ guests in a public room, cause the room just did start to lag. There are tricks and ways to prevent this a little bit, but in general it was something you had to focus on! This was a little bit sad, cause of performance reason you could not use the editor with all the power it has for room designing. Nowadays this barrier is still existing, but you can be more flexible! I am not saying you can design whatever you do like and the room wont lag with many guests – NO! But this barrier is set higher now – where it is exactly is hard to say, because it is related to how the room is build. I can give you an example. Running a room public with 120 guests and firework, room file size 3mb, shiny materials and effects like bubbles and many designed details was a “no go” at the past. The room would have started to lag. Now it does work fine. I did evaluate this the past weeks. Oh why shiny materials? Cause it does reflect!

I guess players might be satisfied with the past updates! Sticking to 3dxChat was/is not a fault at all!

Congratulation 3dxChat crew and admins!