We offer our generated AI images/gifs/videos and created 3d objects for sale.
There are three licence models for the AI products:

  • Licence for private use (private use licence)
  • Licence for commercial use – licence for companies (business licence)
  • Licence for commercial use such as re-selling as NFTs (business/commercial extended licence like re-selling for NFTs)

With buying any of the digital downloads as private use licence from the customer has the permission to use the product for privat use only. This permission does not include any way of a commercial use of the download product form

Farther it is not allowed to:

– Reselling or renting of digital downloads form

– Publishing/Re-Publishing of digital downloads form

– Copy, modify or trading of digital downloads form

– Distribution and commercialize of digital downloads form

– Using of digital downloads form in any videos and even makeing this videos public

This shop is specialized on downloading content – you dont need a converter at all for any download. For bundles-downloads you will need the standard unzip function of Microsoft-Windows. All prices are including tax. Actually we are offering different payment-methods like credit-cards.
There is no registration needed on if you do like to buy any design.

Refunds will not be given for any digital download. So please be sure to read product pages carefully before purchase.
Keep in mind that downloadlinks expire after 24 hours.

After you did purchase any of our products you will get a payment information Email and a Email including the download links form Please check your spam folder if you do miss the download link Email from The download link of the purchased product will be available for 24 hours after purchasing! In addition, your browser will automatically open the download link page of the related products form after the purchase!

In general we will be happy to create commissioned works for you on request. The prices for commissioned work will be agreed with you personally. The prices are in a different price range, as the products created are only sold once. Please also bear in mind that the creation of 3d objects such as complete rooms for 3dx Chat can take several days or weeks.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot accept all orders!