Amazing object to merge into your room!

Ready for download!

File Size: 369kb

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Do you tuk tuk today?^^

Includes three Tuk-Tuk`s; each has about 120kb. The green ones are fully grouped and ready to merge into your room. The “pink” one you can color/texture by yourself (I did group the related details).

There is space for a driver at the front and a couple (sofa) at the back! Cause I did want to keep the design tiny there is not enough space for fully posing!

All Tuk Tuk`s are equipped with wiskey, cigarette, cigar and champagne. The Tuk Tuk with a tiny trailer comes with vino, vape, ice and something to eat.

If you do want to merge the pink TUK TUK into your room you need to select each single group and then do a “save selected to file” with the 3dx-Editor: Roof, Upper Roof, Details, Surface


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