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This event, or concert or fun-room (..x-room) is based on the RL building called “Chapel of Sound” (COS) located at the province of “Hebei” at China.

The room is designed as “ingame” or “outdoor – open air” event room or use it for private reasons. It has a special stage with an yamaha piano design.

There is even a DJ spot; spot for a dance group, two spots for GoGoGo-Girls (pole), lots of bed`s, wall poses, sofa and a dancing area and new beverages.

Including fun-bed areas, a waterfall, two bar`s, a relaxing spot, “restroom area”, higher spots and spots inside and on top of the Artwork-Building.

I did not use any of the old lights cause of performance reasons. It is possible to use the room with any daylight or nightlight settings. Standard setting

is the night light (second last icon of the list!). The “ADV” sign is a free space and can be used for advertising.

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