MF Pose Compilation 3.0


Sex Pose Compilation Room! Ready for download!

File Size: 1.4mb

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The MF Pose-Compilation is for the update 3.0!It comes with ingame pose – logo`s!!!! (pose numbers are not needed anymore)

The room includes 9 different poses and one is designed twice times, but different :). It includes poses like the fam. double-milkyway, the fam. burn witch pose and the hammer blow….

Each pose has about 150kb!

The poses are ready to merge into your room.

  • Each pose has a floor (ground) – Easy top adjust in your room

  • Each pose comes with extra lights (but not the bad 1.0 Lights :)

  • Each pose has a Pose-LOGO !!!Intricate details, surprise your partner and good fun to use it :)


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