Terms of use

I. General
1.the website is maintained by the operator named in the imprint. The operator assumes legal responsibility for the content of the site. At the same time he is the contact person for inquiries by users – especially for questions regarding payments and services.
2.the operator does not guarantee a permanent availability of the internet offer. However, he will make every effort to ensure constant availability.
3.the operator is in any case not responsible for external links. However, he will remove them immediately after becoming aware of any legal concerns.
4.the website is designed for use with standard browsers (HTML2 compatible). The optimum screen resolution is 1280 x 800, the minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 600. Any toolbars installed on the user’s computer must be taken into account. Furthermore, Java Script must be permitted and Flash Player (minimum version 10.1) must be installed. Furthermore, a DSL connection is required, especially for video offers and live chat.
5. all content on the website is subject to the copyright of the operator and may not be used or published elsewhere without the express written permission of the operator.

II Registration of the User on the Website
1.by registering on the Website, the User accepts these Terms of Use (NUB’s) in their full and unrestricted scope.
2.the registration on the Internet Site is allowed only to persons of full age.
3. the user name (alias) is freely selectable (as far as not yet occupied).
4. the password is freely selectable by the user during the registration. This chosen password is confidential and may not be given to third parties.
5. in particular, minors are not to be given or enabled access to the internet site in any form.
6. the user may use the offer – in particular the liable to pay the costs areas only from a PC.
7. by registering, the user is able to use the free offers on the internet site. There will be no costs or subsequent costs.
8.the operator of the internet site reserves the right to send information about the internet offer of the operator via eMail to registered users occasionally and in irregular intervals. These NewsLetters can be cancelled at any time independently of the registration.

III. payment of chargeable services
1.In order to be able to use chargeable services (on-demand – e.g. e.g. picture galleries, videos, private cam chat) on the website, the respective product must be purchased by a one-time payment. These can be purchased through so-called online payment methods. External payment service providers are also used for this purpose.
2.the purchase intention by the user comes by simple confirmation of the appropriate button after the selection of the desired tariff depending on the selected payment method bindingly.
3.during the payment process until the final completion of the complete payment, the operator has assigned the claims to the respective payment service provider. This also applies to any collection that may be initiated due to, for example, return debit notes or non-redemption of payments.
4. no subscriptions or recurring, automatic payments are realized on the website.
5.the personal data provided to the payment service provider – in particular credit card and account information will be stored and processed exclusively by the payment service provider in accordance with the statutory provisions.
6. the terms and conditions of the respective payment service provider shall apply with regard to payments.
7. in case of a successful payment and immediate electronic notification by the payment service provider, the purchased product in the corresponding quantity will be immediately activated on the user account for download.
8.the user has no claim to be able to use a once used payment procedure also in the future.
9.immediately after the payment is determined, the purchased product will be activated on the user account and can be downloaded and viewed from this point on.

IV. miscellaneous
1.the user acknowledges that in case of non-compliance with these terms of use, he/she will be subject to legal consequences.
2.the use of the services of is at your own risk. In particular, the operator of the Internet site is not liable for any damages, including damages resulting from loss of data due to downloading or use of software, multimedia content or other content.
3.the operator of the internet site is liable, regardless of the legal ground, only for damages caused by him intentionally or by gross negligence. The amount of liability is limited to the amount paid by the user for the service. Any further claims for damages, including for any consequential damages, are expressly excluded.
4.the user is aware that connection data is stored for statistical purposes, as well as in the case of chargeable services for proof of performance. Furthermore, cookies that are harmless from a security point of view are stored on the user’s hard disk. All data stored by the operator will not be passed on to third parties.
5. trademarks mentioned on the website are the property of the respective trademark owners.
6. the law of the registered office of the operator of the website applies – the registered office of the operator is also agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

V. Auctions
1) By submitting an offer, the buyer is aware that a binding purchase contract is concluded. This obliges him to pay for a won auction.
2)A bid cannot be withdrawn after it has been placed.
3)The auctioned item must be paid within one week after the end of the auction.
4)After winning an auction, a bid cannot be withdrawn.
5)If payment is refused after the auction has been won and ended, the penalty will be €100. In addition, legal action will be taken and the auction will be transferred to the next highest bidder (more on this under point 6).
6) If the highest bidder does not fulfill his payment obligation, the auction will be transferred to the next highest bidder. This person is also legally obligated to fulfill the purchase contract.
7) Vouchers as well as other discounts cannot be applied to auctions or to items from auctions.
8) By placing a bid, the agreement on the additional cost of packaging and shipping of 20 €. These costs will be added to the highest bid during the payment process.