Amazing object to merge into your room!

Ready for download!

File Size: 433kb

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The jetski works with single male pose (bar), single female pose(seat). Together it looks like a couple pose. The woman can even sit on the bar-pose (not perfect regarding the legs).

The download comes with five already grouped jetskis. Each single jetski you can merge into your room (one of it is speeding). You can access each Jetskis via transfer or an stairway.

The objects of the White-Blue and White-Red jetski at the top are are not grouped – you can color it easily; if you do want to change the color.

For this two jetskis I did already grouped the objects of the technical design which does not need to get colored.

It is highly re-commened that you are able to merge object with the editor into a room. How to group objects should be known.

(*This offering includes seven single jetskis to merge – not any beach-room like on the pictures)



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